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Disease/Fungus/Insect Treatment:

Things like insects or diseases can have an affect on the health of your lawn. Learn more below and give us a call to see how can help!


Lawn Disease:

Many different diseases can affect lawns in Florida, including rust, brown patch, take-all root rot, and several different types of leaf spots. Keep an eye on the overall quality of your lawn. If discolored areas appear, this may be a sign of disease.

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Lawn Fungus:

Common Lawn Fungus in Florida:


- Brown patch fungus. Landscapes with St. Augustine or Zoysia grass are particularly susceptible to brown patch fungus, which develops when high levels of heat combine with significant moisture. Look for it in the summer and fall, when heat, humidity, and rainfall are at their highest.

- Gray leaf spot(image shown). When gray leaf spot takes hold, the grass blades develop brown spots that may have velvety patches. It’s caused by overwatering and, once spread, causes grass to become thin and patchy.

- Rust fungus. Does your lawn look like it’s been left out to rust? That orangey powder is a fungus that leaves your landscape vulnerable to other lawn diseases. Over-watering is a primary cause of rust fungus; it’s particularly vicious in shaded areas where water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

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Because of Florida's varied climatic and environmental conditions, many different insects can become problematic in your Florida lawn. If you’ve noticed yellow or brown patches in your lawn or other signs of an unhealthy lawn, you may be experiencing a lawn pest infestation. We can help!

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