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Herbicide​ Treatments:

Do you have weeds growing in your lawn and cracks in your sidewalk or driveway? Applying certain herbicides will eliminate any weed you have. Give us a call and we'll discuss your weed needs.

Selective Vs. Non-Selective/ Post-Emergent Vs. Pre-Emergent

Whats the difference?

Selective Herbicide:

Selective herbicides kill and control specific weed species only, while leaving the desired crops/plants relatively unharmed.

Non-Selective Herbicide

Non-selective herbicides(sometimes called total weedkillers) can be used to clear small and large areas as they kill all plant material with which they come into contact.

Post-Emergent Herbicide

Post-emergent herbicides work by traveling down the actively growing plant stalk and into the root system and killing the plant from there.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide

A pre-emergent herbicide creates a protective barrier seal around seeds, which prevents the seed from germinating and growing. In essence, the seed is suffocated and dies.

Driveway full of weeds.

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